5 Signs your Company Needs a Retreat

Every team deserves a break - and some bonding time.

Dinner at Topsoil Farm from the Long Table Series.

If your business is lagging and needs a reboot, a retreat can be an effective way to show employees that they matter while asking them to dig deep in a problem-solving capacity outside of office walls. By shaking off the repetition of the daily grind, an off-site corporate retreat can help people refocus on what matters — business objectives, brainstorming and play, all in one.

Here are some good reasons to have a retreat:

 >To engage in big-picture thinking away from day-to-day stresses and interruptions.

 >To rebuild morale and show appreciation for your team if your company has survived big changes and is rebuilding.

 >To counter an “us and them mentality” by forging bonds across various levels of management and allowing new relationships to grow.

 >To get creative and to draw out the best of the company talent by moving off-site to a stimulating new environment where ideas can flow in an atmosphere of fun and exploration.

 >To show appreciation to a team for their hard work. Studies show that employees get the most job satisfaction from appreciation, not just raises, so plan a fun retreat and show your team how much they matter to you.

This article is from the October/November 2018 issue of Douglas