4 Apps To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Don't let distraction get the better of you. These four apps can help you better manage a team's workload, plan your workday (and all your paperwork) effectively and keep track of important clients. 


Trello makes managing a team easy and efficient. Users create tasks as “cards” that can be assigned to individual team members. It’s easy to see how a project is progressing and who is working on what — and you can customize those lists by adding colours and stickers. 


Focuslist, a daily planner based on the Pomodoro technique, ensures you track your time and stick to your to-do list. It also reminds you to take a five-minute break after every 25-minute burst of work, helping you stay focused. 

Genius Scan

With the Genius Scan app, your smartphone becomes a personal scanner. Digitizing important documents, contracts and receipts into a high-quality PDF has never been faster. 


Keeping track of which client is which can be time consuming! Accompany is an app that helps business leaders prep for those important meetings by examining and sharing relevant data on contacts and companies. 

 This article is from the December 2017/January 2018 issue