Renting Versus Owning In Vancouver Island's Major Cities

In the 2016 Canadian census, Parksville was pinpointed as the B.C. city with the highest percentage of homeowners. At the other end of the spectrum, Victoria has the fourth highest percentage of renters in B.C., behind Prince Rupert, Dawson Creek and Fort St. John.


82% own  νs.  18.1% rent

Port Alberni

73.3% own  νs.  26.7% rent


73.1% own  νs.  26.4% rent

Campbell River

72.8% own  νs.  27% rent


69.8% own  νs.  30.1% rent


62.6% own  νs.  37.3% rent

 This article is from the December 2017/January 2018 issue