United Engineering and the Largest Crane on the West Coast

United Engineering used Dynamic Beast, the largest crane on the West Coast, to load the complete 1,000-tonne stacker reclaimer onto a barge for delivery to North Vancouver in August 2020.

Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet

Visitors to the Upper Harbour this summer may have been intrigued by the large blue and green structure at Point Hope Maritime shipyard. United Engineering constructed the massive stacker reclaimer for EMS Technologies, who will ship it to North Vancouver for use at Neptune Terminals.

“It’s certainly a feather in our cap,” says Dave Bukovec, general manager of United Engineering, a Ralmax Group company. “Many things had to come together for us to even be considered for this job: the shop capacity to fabricate, good people to do the fabrication, machining and erection, and a fully serviced assembly yard were critical.”

The project, whose estimated economic impact is $26.3 million, has attracted other companies looking to have a North American manufacturer.

“These things frequently come out of China,” Bukovec says. “Customers like when they can get it somewhat local. They can do a certain amount of pre- commissioning, and they can come and look at it. With COVID, there have also been big delays, so delivery is better domestically.”

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