Taking the Pulse of Vancouver Island’s Economy

The VIEA Summit is a crystal ball that takes a hard look at the future of Island business.

VIEA - Taking the Pulse of Vancouver Island’s Economy Douglas OCT/NOV 2023
Photo By: Arrowsmith Aerial Photography.

The 17th annual State of the Island Economic Summit will take place on October 25 and 26 at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo. The event is sponsored by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, a non-profit society that spearheads regional economic development for Vancouver Island. Other VIEA initiatives include the Island Good campaign, the Foreign Trade Zone Vancouver Island and the Forest/Wood Industries Initiative.

The conference itself aspires to be a two-day journey of learning, inspiration and connection. The organizers describe it is a “must-attend event for business owners, community leaders and would-be entrepreneurs in the region.” Here are some highlights:

Networking opportunities: Attendees have the opportunity to meet business leaders, decision makers, First Nations members and government officials to foster connections and collaboration.

Speaker series: These are a collection of passionate and inspiring talks to kick off the event, followed by informal Q&As, where attendees can learn more about the topics they care about from experts in the field.

Action labs: An opportunity to dig deeper into current pressing topics and collaborate with others to seek solutions to thorny local problems.

Keynotes: Prominent speakers will share their expertise and inspire new ideas and strategies relevant to Vancouver Island and the rural islands.

Topical sessions: This is a to-and-fro with panelists, where attendees can exchange perspectives and explore solutions with experts in their field.

Island Good Celebration: This popular event showcases the bounty of Vancouver Island, where guests can enjoy a lavish spread of local Island Good food and drink, along with music and entertainment.

Data and Insights: VIEA publishes the annual “State of the IslandS” economic report, with valuable statistics and analysis on the latest economic trends in a rapidly changing world. 

For more information: viea.ca/vi-economic-summit/register-summit