Joni is the Local Business that is Changing Period Care

Joni is the Vancouver Island business that is looking to create safer, more sustainable, and more accessible period products to the market.

Linda Biggs (L) and Jayesg Vekariya
Linda Biggs (L) and Jayesg Vekariya of joni. Awarded 2023's Ecostar Awards (Social Impact) an organization that has made significant impact on addressing social needs. Photo by Belle White.

Many Global ‘Fem Tech’ Giants place an average mark up of 5000 per cent on feminine hygiene products that often take more than 300 years to break down in landfills. This poses both accessibility issues for those in need of period care products and creates an obvious long-term environmental impact. Victoria-based Joni aims to change this — one sustainable sanitary product at a time — with its subscription-based service.

The Challenge

What began as an MBA project for founder Jayesh Vekariya, joni has blossomed into a full- fledged business. Vekariya saw an opportunity to change how feminine products were made and distributed through the creation of more cost- effective, sustainable options that would be less environmentally impactful. Together, he and co- founder Linda Biggs launched their line of ethical menstrual products in recognition of the fact that one out of three Canadians with periods under age 25 aren’t able to afford period products.

The Solution

Their quest to dismantle product stigma helped create buzz leading up to its March 2020 launch; however, that momentum came to a screeching halt when the pandemic hit. The joni team scaled back, streamlining their focus on R&D, in order to expand the product line to meet an expanded customer demand for economically sustainable alternatives.

Biggs says that even during difficult times, it was important for joni “to provide all who menstruate with a sense of confidence and empowerment through safe and sustainable period-care products that suit their needs.” To date, the company has maintained their 1-for-1 promise to donate one product for every product purchased, with more than 40,000 joni products being distributed to communities and people in need across Canada.

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