Origen Air Uses Plant Technology to Purify the Air

B.C.-based health-tech start-up Origen Air uses enhanced plant technology for their living-air purifiers.


With the smoky start to fall, it seems the perfect time for Origen Air to be working on its full-scale, smart, living air purification prototype called TRL 6.

“Our plants, genetically modified to clean toxins out of indoor air, are micro-propagated in collaboration with UVic’s biology department,” says Susan Blanchet, Origen Air’s CEO. “After considerable COVID-related delays, we are thrilled to be pushing forward with this project. It will run for the next

24 months at Origen Air’s head office and at the UVic campus.”

The company hopes to see its first commercial model, the Sentinel Purifier, to hit the market in Q3 of 2021.

“Our target market is smart air purification,” says CIO Ryan Lider. “This segment is made up of air purification technology companies, capable of real-time IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) measurement, purification and integration within a building management systems.”

The Money

The project, in partnership with the University of Victoria, is funded by Mitacs, a national, not-for- profit research and training organization dedicated to advancing collaborations between industry, academia and government in Canada.

The App

Origen purifiers will have a proprietary app, available on mobile or desktop devices, to display indoor air quality improvements.

The Market

Along with air purification companies, Origen’s targeted secondary market is the health and wellness industry, specifically focused on publicly traded companies and B-Corporations looking to improve their Environmental Social Governance ratings.

The Head Office

The air purifiers will be made in Victoria, where their sister company Origen Clean, also has a distribution centre.

“Our genetically modified plants have been growing here in Victoria for over a year now, and we plan to scale production and distribution with Canadian companies. This is something that we as a company take great pride in.” — ANDREW CRAWFORD, CTO, ORIGEN AIR

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