’s 3 Must-Know Retail Trends

Keep your business up-to-date and competitive by knowing these retail trends.

Magic Point of Sale

With smartphones, visual search and personal assistants, more consumers expect brands to respond on demand. To compete, brands have to be ultra-responsive — or very worth the wait.


Deep Retail

Retailers must make the leap from customer experience (CX) to intimate experience (IX). That means digging deeper to find out what customers want so you can offer personalized services, products, discounts, shopping and events to prove you know your customer isn’t just an anonymous face in the crowd.


Post-demographic Liberation

The so-called older demographic is tired of age cliches about penny-pinching seniors who only want walk-in baths. Research shows 75 per cent of marketers underestimate how much consumers 55-plus will spend, and design and market with stereotypes in mind. It’s time for businesses to think about older in newer ways.

This article is from the August/September 2018 issue of Douglas.