The Power of a Fresh Start

There are many ways to feel as though you have a fresh start or a clean slate, not just at the beginning of a new day.

Each day when you wake up is an opportunity for a fresh start. But there are plenty of other chances for fresh starts available to you. Here are five ways to discover them.

RETHINK Your Calendar There are many fresh starts in your calendar, but you can also find other ideas at For example, June 20 is World Productivity Day, so on that day I offer something special to my audience, such as a journaling or to-do list template.

Take Breaks Regularly One thing we tend to sacrifice during our workday is breaks. Besides the health benefits of taking breaks throughout your day, they also provide an end to one segment of your day and a chance to start another, refreshed and renewed.

Adopt “Mise en Place” Thinking This culinary phrase, meaning “everything in its place,” can give you a fresh start anytime you need one. Just reset your workspace and, voila!,  you have a fresh start in front of you.

Reflect, Every Day Daily journaling is the most undervalued and underused element of time management. When you reflect daily in a journal, you can course-correct as needed. The clarity you’ll gain makes a fresh start possible and full of potential.

Theme Your Time Time is meant to be universally understood, but it’s not always fun. Why not personalize blocks of time by giving them themes designed to stimulate fresh-start thinking? For example, make 9 to 10 a.m. your Communication Hour (or whatever you like). In this way, you are designing your own fresh start.

This article is from the June/July 2019 issue of Douglas.