The 15 Most Sought-after Jobs in B.C.

The 15 Most Sought-after Jobs in B.C. - Douglas Magazine Feb/Mar 2024

While B.C.’s economy may remain flat in 2024, there are plenty of businesses facing a talent scarcity. Their loss could be your gain.

According to Statistics Canada, WorkBC and recruitment company Randstad Canada, technology, health care and professional services are among the top fields looking for workers right now.

There are also opportunities in construction and skilled trades. “Since the 1970s, high schools have not encouraged the trades as a career path, resulting in decades of shortages of skilled young people — especially women — in the sector. It’s interesting to see that a degree isn’t the only path to steady employment and a secure income,” says Nick Montesano, executive vice president at Randstad Canada.

Here are the top 15 in-demand jobs in B.C. in 2024, the education and skills they require, the average salary and the number of positions open in the province, according to WorkBC.

Web Developer

The job: Developers design and code programs for everything from smartphone apps to complex business accounting programs to operation of the final product.

Education and skills: Mathematical aptitude, attention to detail and a knowledge of programming languages like HTML, SQL and Java are required. You don’t necessarily need a specific degree to become a software engineer, but most developers have at least a  bachelor’s degree in computer science or an associate degree from a technical college.

Average salary: $59,022 / 4,650 positions open.

HR Manager

The job: Human resources managers oversee the recruiting and hiring of new staff, consult with top executives on strategic planning, and serve as a bridge between management and employees.

Education and skills: A  bachelor’s degree in commerce, business administration, arts or social science with a major in human resources is required. Also consider a post-secondary certificate specializing in HR or labour relations. By far the most important skill for an HR director is communication.

Average salary: $108,013 / 3,020 positions open.

Mechanical Engineer

The job: Mechanical engineers design machines that solve human problems. They also automate manufacturing systems and design solutions for environmental problems.

Education and skills: Mechanical engineering typically requires a  bachelor’s degree in the subject. Aside from a keen grasp of mathematics, the field requires a sense of design and big-picture thinking in completing complex projects.

Average salary: $76,646 / 2,300 positions open. 

Building Trades

The job: Thanks to a decreasing workforce, the construction industry is in dire need of skilled tradespeople, particularly welders and plumbers. 

Education and skills: Aspiring tradespeople only need a secondary school degree. Most employers prefer to hire applicants who have completed a four-year apprenticeship program (usually paid) and have been certified through SkilledTradesBC. 

Average salary: $64,654 (plumbing) / 2,490 positions open; $62,568 (welders) / 2,800 positions open.


Job description: Bookkeepers and accounting technicians help businesses manage their financial records and liaise with management, CPAs and financial advisers. 

Education and skills: Bookkeepers require a secondary school diploma, along with one of the following: completion of a college program in accounting or bookkeeping, or completion of two years (first level) in a recognized Chartered Professional Accounting program.

Average salary: $52,140 / 9,250 openings.

Registered Nurse

The job: Nurses provide direct care to patients in a variety of settings, including doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics. They can also provide health-care consulting and education to the community and have the opportunity to specialize in different types of care, from emergency to maternity.

Education and skills: Nursing requires either a  bachelor’s or an associate degree in nursing and a licence to practise. Registered nurses usually have more responsibilities than licensed practical nurses. 

Estimated salary: $87,595 / 22,100 openings.

Warehouse Worker

The job: Warehouse workers are tasked with ordering stock, receiving orders and monitoring incoming and outgoing shipments. E-commerce giants like Amazon are always looking for reliable warehouse workers. 

Education and skills: Shipping and receiving requires only a secondary school education. Basic literacy and math skills are very important when working in a warehouse. Accurate counting, recording and paperwork are keys to the job.

Average salary: $41,712 / 4,330 openings.

Customer service representative

The job: Customer service reps are the first line of contact for their employers and ensure that customers are happy with their products or service. They answer incoming calls, take orders, interact with customers on live chat or emails and deal with arising complaints.

Education and skills: Some employers only require completion of secondary school, others a certificate or even a  bachelor’s degree in business administration. You can gain experience through on-the-job training and entry-level opportunities like working at a call centre, where listening skills, patience and problem-solving will help you get ahead. 

Average salary: $45,841 / 7,290 openings

Delivery Driver

The job: Being a delivery driver requires minimal job experience and is a good entry-level position or option for part-time work. Whether working for a courier service, food-delivery or transportation company, delivery drivers have become much more in demand since the pandemic.

Education and skills: Drivers need a high-school diploma or GED and a valid driverʼs licence issued by the province where they work and, of course, a clean driving record.

Average salary: $37,437 / 4,370 openings.

Retail sales Associate

The job: A sales associate engages customers person-to-person in the retail space and helps them find the products they need. Associates should have extensive knowledge of their company’s products and hands-on experience selling directly to consumers.

Education and skills: You require only a high-school diploma to work as a sales associate since most employers provide on-the-job training. Completing a certification in sales or marketing can improve your career prospects. 

Average salary: $33,370 / 25,860 openings.

Systems analyst

The job: Information technology professionals are in high demand, and the career outlook for systems analysts continues to grow post-pandemic. Systems analysts play a key role in the development, maintenance and troubleshooting of a company’s digital infrastructure.

Education and skills: A  bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics is a basic requirement. The CompTIA A+ certification provides a foundational understanding of modern IT principles. Some employers may also require an MBA with a concentration in information systems.

Average salary: $85,238 / 13,660 openings.

Administrative Assistant

The job: Administrative assistants are responsible for clerical tasks, organizing meetings and generally being the glue that keeps a business running smoothly. 

Education and skills: Many employers will hire applicants with a degree in any field, including business, communication or liberal arts. Others require a degree or certificate in a field related to the company.

Average salary: $51,827 / 10,480 openings.

Production floor supervisor

The job: Production supervisors oversee the equipment, personnel and procedures on a factory floor. They are in charge of scheduling and safety, and serve as the main troubleshooters when issues arise. 

Education and skills: The best advice from WorkBC is to pursue a degree related to the company’s product, whether it’s boats, heavy equipment or computer chips. 

Average salary: $87,585 / 940 openings.

Digital marketing co-ordinator

The job: Digital marketing co-ordinators take a hands-on role with advertising and marketing campaigns, including juggling the wide array of social media platforms and ensuring consistent branding across all channels.

Education and skills: Employers looking to hire digital marketing co-ordinators seek candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations, sales or business administration. These subjects can equip you with both the hard and soft skills you’ll need in the role.

Average salary: $57,291 / 5,380 openings.

Construction Project Manager

The job: Whether building a house or a hospital, a project manager leads a construction team while working alongside architects, engineers and skilled tradespeople to allocate resources and ensure timely completion. 

Education and skills: Beyond a degree from a post-secondary school in construction or project management, companies look for construction managers with up-to-date technology skills. 

Average salary: $79,253 / 8,150 openings.