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    At Cooper Pacific Mortgage Investment Corporation, change signifies an exciting transition into a new era. Morley Cooper, the visionary leader who founded the company in 1994, along with several prominent local business leaders, has gracefully retired, paving the way for a dynamic shift in leadership.

    Morley’s son, Cam Cooper, who steps into the role of CEO will continue that 30-year legacy. Cam’s sister, Carolyn Cooper takes on the role of Vice President of Administration and Jordan Fairlie, long-time employee of the company, joins as Chief Investment Officer. The three partners embody the company’s founding values while embracing modern strategies. “We’re evolving while staying true to our roots” — a family-oriented business thriving on integrity, innovation, transparency and commitment to its investors.

    “We focus on short-term commercial financing within Western Canada, but primarily in Victoria,” Cam explains. “From single-family homes to multi-family developments, our focus is to build trusted relationships with established developers and borrowers and finance construction projects, land acquisitions and subdivisions.”

    “The essence of our company remains unaltered,” adds Jordan. “It’s a family business at its core, with established lending practices, but with a fresh perspective on the real estate landscape. We aim to impart innovative approaches to real estate investing while preserving the values that have defined us.”

    ”Cooper Pacific’s hallmark has always been to engage directly with developers and borrowers with the ability to be flexible with its decision making process — traits borrowers and developers find invaluable. “Dealing directly with local decision-makers sets us apart,” Cam emphasizes. “Our size enables agility in decision-making, creating a streamlined process for our clients.

    ”The heart of their offering lies in the Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC), providing investment opportunities with stable and consistent risk-adjusted returns for clients, while growing and safeguarding investments. The MICs provide opportunities for both income and growth options for clients, with investments in both the local Victoria and Western Canadian commercial real estate sector.

    “Investors trust us for more than just returns,” Jordan highlights. “Our consistent dedication to transparency, customer service and the absence of investment fees that can dimmish investor returns, along with the potential for diversification within our mortgage funds sets us apart.”

    “When it comes down to it, Victoria is a relatively small city and if you’re good, you establish a positive reputation. We benefit from a lot of referrals as a result. Dad taught us a lot and built a solid foundation here,” says Cam.

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