Sherwood Cafe & Bar Brings a Euro Vibe to Victoria

"The space you know is always there and reliable. If you’re thirsty or hungry you can come by and we’ll take care of you.” Shane Deveraux, owner of Sherwood Cafe.

The food and drink at Sherwood Cafe & Bar attracts everyone from business-people to families. Photograph by Belle White.

Prime Locale

About settling in the new Jawl project at 1515 Douglas, Sherwood owner Shane Deveraux (who also owns two Habit Coffees, one of which is in the Jawl-owned Atrium) says he’s happy for the opportunity to do something “on another sunny corner.”


Robert Jawl, director at Jawl Properties, says Deveraux was asked to be part of 1515 Douglas because of the community-forward approach of Habit. “I’ve been to the Sherwood more days than not since it opened,” Jawl says. “I couldn’t pick a favourite dish but the baked eggs are a must.”

“I travel a lot and was inspired by the functional spaces I saw that served the community well — the classic European all-day cafe and bar that’s an extension of your living room,” says Shane Deveraux, owner of Sherwood Cafe & Bar. Photograph by Belle White.

In the Zone   

As he did with Habit, Deveraux wanted to create “different zones and experiences” within the Sherwood. There’s an open bar with seating, a coffee area that converts into a more lounge-like area at night, a traditional banquette and a large common table that looks out onto the street.

This article is from the October/November 2018 issue of Douglas