How to Get Really Big Stuff Done

We all feel a wave of uncertainty on how to start getting our larger projects done. Below are some tips & tricks on how to feel more confident and in control of your goals.

The GOOD team from Douglas Top 10 To Watch 2018. Photograph by Dean Azim.

“Progress really does equal happiness,” says Jill Margo, a writer and co-founder of GOOD, a member-based workshop studio where she helps writers and artists create productive, sustainable lives and connect with their people. Below are some tips for how to accomplish the bigger things in life.

Think In Terms of Goals and Why They Matter

Nearly every task should be done in service of a larger goal (just Google SMART goals). Take time to understand why that goal matters to you. Knowing the why will keep you connected to your goal and fuel it.

Schedule Quick Wins

Break your goal into small, quick-win tasks and enter them into
your day planner. A task can be deadline based (write a 225-word article by 1 p.m.), time-bound (do half an hour of research) or a repeating action (write for one hour a day).

Take the Wheel

Put perfectionism and procrastination in the back seat like the screechy, sulky children they are. “If you can’t leave them on the curb, make sure they aren’t driving the car.”

Time it right

Set a timer for 50 minutes and give your work your full focus. Then take a 10-minute break. (Move around if you’ve been sitting, or do the dishes if you work from home). Repeat. You’ll be amazed at how much further you can go.

Review & Acknowledge

Each week, review your progress. Did you use your time wisely? What could you have done better? And when you’ve reached your goal make sure you acknowledge it (cocktail optional) and think to yourself, “I am a finisher.”

This article is from the October/November 2018 issue of Douglas