A New Interaction Lab Opens at Camosun College and Progress Made in Undersea Canyon Research

Business and city updates we think you should know about for Friday, October 27, 2017.

Photograph: Babcock Canada Interaction Lab.

Camosun College launches a new Interaction Lab

On Tuesday, Camosun College celebrated the launch of its new Babcock Canada Interaction Lab at the Interurban campus with a virtual reality ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Director of Camosun Innovates Dr. Tim Walzak calls the new lab a game-changer for applied learner, research and innovation. Inside, students, staff and faculty can use and learn from cutting-edge technology including robotic systems, 3D printing and more, to turn ideas into marketable innovations.

UVic biologist is involved in research to better understand undersea canyons

An international study co-led by UVic biologist Fabio De Leo and Ocean Networks Canada is using real-time data collected by a deep-sea crawler (named Wally) and NASA’s MODIS satellite to better understand undersea canyons off of Vancouver Island’s west coast. The research is finding how these canyons operate as rapid-transit corridors that carry carbon from the ocean surface down to the deep sea.

Help kick-start the VIATEC Food Bank Challenge

RingPartner hosts an open house and fundraiser this afternoon. There will be drinks, food, networking and a silent auction, where all proceeds are donated to the VIATEC Food Bank Challenge.