"My Nurse Advisor" Guides Clients Through the Health Care System

April 6, 2016, Victoria, BC Josée Bélanger, RN (QC), M.Ed, has launched a new company, My Nurse AdvisorTM, to help clients navigate the health care system and have a smoother medical experience.

The company’s team of registered nurses will arrange and attend appointments, review and coordinate complex treatment plans, provide clear explanations of medical terminology and prescription drugs, and liaise with the family doctor, specialists, health authority, or palliative care as needed.

Owner and CEO Josée Bélanger has been a registered nurse since 2004. She has experience in oncology, orthopedic, medical and surgical nursing, and she possesses a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. She began working with individual clients in 2010, when she successfully guided a close friend through breast cancer, and immediately recognized the need for this type of service.

“Many families across Canada have a relative in Greater Victoria who is facing serious health or mobility issues without enough support – we can be the family’s eyes, ears, and heart right here with their loved one,” says Ms. Bélanger. “Physicians are busy, and often don’t have the luxury of time to spend with their patients, so My Nurse AdvisorTM can also fill that gap.”

The benefits of My Nurse AdvisorTM extend to doctors too. RNs can expedite appointments by voicing the needs of their patients more efficiently, having professional-to-professional conversations, and educating the patient after the medical visit is over.

My Nurse Advisor offers services to individuals, families, businesses and health organizations.