Kre8Studio Knows the World is Ready for New Heroes…and New Creators

The second annual Kre8Studios event is happening August 9 - 18 in Victoria, B.C. where anyone interested in media arts can register to learn voice acting, stop motion animation and more.

Charles Porlier putting make-up on Alan Cummings. Photo provided by Tracey Moore.

Tracey Moore knows that the world is ready for some fresh ideas. Cue the second annual Kre8Studio event in Victoria from August 9 to 18 where anyone interested in media arts can register to learn from some of the top pop culture creators on topics like stop-motion animation and voice acting.

Known best for her work directing and voicing the Sailor Moon anime series, Tracey Moore started Kre8Studio in 2018 to inspire more people to create their vision. “Last year we did a lot of sound work,” says Moore. “This year we are bringing in the physical aspect like make-up and improv acting.”

Two time Emmy-award-winning make-up artist Charles Porlier and animation graphics expert Ezra Istiroti are just two of the creative experts running workshops during the event. “Victoria has such a unique voice,” says Moore, “These mainland creators know how to focus that.” 

A big priority for the event is to have it inclusive to anyone interested in media arts. “It is erroneous to see yourself as either a career person or not when it comes to creating,” says Moore. “I would go, ‘Right on!’ if an 80 year old came to me and said they have always wanted to create comedy shows.”

Moore says Kre8Studio promotes the need for new heroes. “Ironman emerged at the time of the industrial revolution,” Moore says. “Enough with Batman already, we need new heroes and people creating content that applies to today’s climate.”

A highlight of the event is the first motion capture (MoCap) technology workshop of its kind, where participants will incorporate voice acting, animation and MoCap technology to create a video of their animated character selves fighting as a hero, just like you see in movies. 

“Media arts are available to everyone, so everyone can create content,” says Moore, who believes Victoria’s tech industry has grown and creators are looking to utilize the industry to bring their ideas to life.   

“Our ongoing goal is to develop a vibrant community of original artists in media that provide content online for a worldwide market, directly from Kre8Studio.”

KRE8Studio is open to anyone who wants to learn more about media arts, whether amateur or professional. To learn more and to register, visit