Douglas Weekly – November 27th

Douglas Weekly - Nov 27th


Learning in Motion
The results of a new survey show just how valuable apprentices are.

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum recently released the results of a survey designed to gauge whether construction, industrial and service sector businesses saw positive returns on their investment in apprenticeship training last year. 

Responses from over 500 businesses in B.C. revealed that the average return-on-time-invested (ROTI) for apprenticeships was 1.36 (ie. $1.36 for every $1.00 spent on training). In many cases, the ROTI was much higher than 1.36. For example, by training a sheet metal worker, on average employers saw a $508,197 return on a $295,380 investment (1.72 average ROTI). 

The survey results also indicate that there are non-monetary benefits to training apprentices. Polled businesses said the benefits of hiring apprentices include:

  • More career advancement potential (79 per cent)
  • Better overall productivity (74 per cent)
  • Better health and safety performance (66 per cent)
  • Better relationships with customers (56 per cent)

“Building a stronger B.C. means supporting the people who build our province,” said Selina Robinson, B.C.’s Minister of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills. “This study demonstrates the value apprentices bring to employers and our economy.”


The top 5 ways hiring a UVic co-op student can boost your business

Nothing is ever certain in business, but these days adaptability and flexibility are more important than ever. Your business’s needs are changing — so should your hiring strategy. Bringing co-op students onto your team can help you weather economic uncertainty and set up your business to thrive. Here are 5 reasons to join 1,500 employers across the province and hire a UVic co-op student.

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