Douglas Weekly – August 7th


Optimize Your Work Break 

New research from American insurance company Aflac found that 97 per cent of people use their smartphones while on break. According to workplace well-being expert Laura Putnam, that’s a problem. She argues that checking your phone can leave you feeling drained. Breaks, however, should be used to boost energy and productivity. 

What should you do instead of checking your phone? Putnam has five tips to help you break better: 

  1. Opt for short: Taking shorter breaks more often is generally more effective than long ones.
  2. Move your legs: Going for a walk, especially near a body of water, can boost your productivity and energy-levels.
  3. Stretch: Mini-exercise sessions over the course of your day can keep you feeling good. 4. Chit-chat: A quick conversation with a colleague or friend about something non-work-related can add a much-needed boost to your day.
  4. Hang out with a furry friend: Petting a dog on your break can reduce cortisol levels (the body’s primary stress hormone), which in turn can increase your psychological well-being.

Next time you move to pick up your phone while on break, think twice — there are better ways to spend your time. 


ESG: Building Business with a Conscience 

Market forces, social concerns and environmental realities are putting more and more pressure on businesses to shift towards sustainability. ESG standards are a way for businesses to make the shift. 

The three letters of ESG represent the pillars of sustainable business practices: 

  1. Environmental: Greenhouse gas reduction, including clean energy, transportation efficiency, and waste and water reduction. 
  2. Social: Diversity, equity and inclusion practices, community investments and employee volunteer programs. 
  3. Governance: Business policies and procedures that reflect sustainable business practices, both environment and social.

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