Douglas roundtable: The Business of Inclusion

Douglas magazine partnered with the Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership and the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria to host a discussion about the benefits of diversification in the workforce. Shedding light on their own workplace experiences, our panelists reflect on racism in the workplace, and what businesses can do to create an inclusive culture.

Earlier in 2021, the GVLIP, powered by the Inter-Cultural Association, published Racism in Greater Victoria: A Community Report. While the report documents racism in Victoria, further data will be required to assess the impact of racism in workplaces.

The session is moderated by Douglas editor Carla Sorrell.

Ruth Mojeed, The Inclusion Project
Florentien Verhage, Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria
Richard Michaels, Maccrim Land Solutions
Corey Brown, Gwaii Engineering

Lexi Mills, FreshWorks Studio