Vancouver Island Business Updates You Should Know About For Friday, October 20

There’s a reason you work well in a coffee shop

A recent article published in the Harvard Business Review recaps why it’s often easier to be productive in a coffee shop than in your open-concept office. The article highlights new research identifying that it isn’t the noise that distracts workers, but rather who is making the noise that can lead to distraction — it’s easier to get drawn into our co-workers’ conversations than to get distracted by background noise. In fact, according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, the white noise in a coffee shop could actually cause workers to think more creatively.

There’s a Ladies Learning Code event on Saturday

The local chapter of Ladies Learning Code is hosting a Python for Beginners event at the University of Victoria on Saturday, October 21. For those who are new to the world of programming, know that Python is a good place to start — it’s more straight-forward than other programming languages and it is still useful for creating apps, programming and more.

Viking Air Limited forms partnership with Ansett Aviation Training

The local aviation company Viking Air Limited has partnered with Ansett Aviation Training, a company based out of Melbourne, Australia. This partnership will ensure that all pilots operating the Viking CL-415 firefighting aircraft receive the highest level of specific training possible.