CRD Board Announces Membership of Core Area Wastewater Project Board

The CRD Board has announced the appointments that will make up the Core Area Wastewater Project Board.

The Project Board consists of seven individuals with experience in large complex infrastructure projects that bring a variety of experience and expertise to the Project, including: financial, technical, procurement, governance and local government practice and procedures, and legal expertise. The Project Board members will plan and implement the Project in accordance with the Project Vision and Goals outlined in the Terms of Reference attached. The Project Board has been established to see the Project through to completion.

The Project Board consists of:

·         Jane Bird (Chair)

·         Jim Burke

·         Brenda Eaton

·         Don Fairbairn

·         Dave Howe

·         Robert Lapham

·         Colin Smith

The Project Board will take on the project immediately with delegated authority to undertake all aspects of planning, site acquisition, project management and expenditures. The Project Board will develop a proposal for the siting and procurement of wastewater treatment facilities for the 7 municipalities and 2 First Nations that form the Core Area. Work on the preparation of a business case, that will provide justification for the proposed project according to environmental, social and financial benefits will begin immediately. The Project Board will report to the CRD Board on progress in July 2016 and recommendations on the final project will be announced by late September.

The Project Board will also hire a Project Director that will lead the Project Board to plan, procure and implement the Project. The Project Director will prepare a Project Management Plan to guide the work. Until the Project Director search is complete, the interim Project Director will be Larisa Hutcheson, the CRD’s General Manager of Parks & Environmental Services.

“We are very grateful to have this impressive group of expert members on the Project Board working on the Core Area Wastewater Project. Their caliber of expertise and experience with large complex infrastructure projects means the project is in very good hands and we thank them for taking on this important work for our region,” said CRD Board Chair Barbara Desjardins.

The CRD Board continues to have overall accountability for the Project and will be responsible for approving the final Business Case to submit to the federal and provincial governments. The CRD Board will also maintain responsibility for any changes that could affect scope, schedule and budget.