BC Transit’s ProPASS Transit Pass

Improved ProPASS program makes it easier to offer employees a zero-cost perk

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Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and free up valuable parking space with the BC Transit’s ProPASS program – a simple to administer and affordable way for your employees to travel. Enroll now at no cost to your organization to offer your employees a discounted bus pass paid for through monthly payroll deductions. 

ProPASS Benefits

For employer
Improve recruitment and retention
Reduce parking demands and costs
Demonstrate action on climate change

For employee
Reduce cost for travelling via transit
Reduce personal climate change impact
Convenience of payroll deductions

Program Overview

To qualify, employers only need to have five employees enroll for a one-year period.* Participating employees will save almost 15% off the cost of an unlimited bus pass every month. Over a year an employee’s savings add up to $144.50.

Employees pay for their pass through payroll deductions administered by the participating organization. ProPASS deductions can also be flexible to accommodate your organization’s pay cycle and be either:

  • $72.96 for a 12 pay period cycle
  • $36.48 for a 24 pay period cycle

*Employees can opt-out of the program if their job or work shift changes deem a ProPASS ineffective for their travel needs. 

It’s Time to Take Action

Make a bigger impact and demonstrate corporate social responsibility by subsidizing the ProPASS for your employees. Studies show that with a 50% transit subsidy up to 14% of employees will become a new transit commuter, further reducing demands on parking and helping employers to meet their sustainability goals.

Join Local Leaders in Climate Action

Join over 70 organizations that are enrolled in the program, with more than 3,000 employees participating.

Go with Umo!

The ProPASS program is easier than ever with BC Transit’s new electronic fare system, Umo, which is now ready for use in the Victoria Regional Transit System. ProPASS holders now have easy access to their ProPASS with the new Umo Mobility app or Umo card. 

Umo makes administration of the ProPASS program simple to support and easy to participate in. Participating employees will be provided a unique benefit code, issued by their company’s program administrator. Once the benefit code is redeemed in the Umo app or at ca.umopass.com, the participant can start using their ProPASS right away. Yes, it’s really that easy!

For questions about redeeming a ProPASS benefit code, please visit bctransit.com/umo or call 877-380-8181 toll-free. 

Connect with BC Transit

Interested in signing up for the program or obtaining more information? We are here to support! Connect with a BC Transit representatives:

Brett Elphick
Manager, Business Development

Tessa Stewart
Business Development Advisor

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