5 Events to Know About: June 4 to 10

Take the 2018 Vital Signs survey, register for a networking breakfast and sample some of the province’s tastiest hoppy beverages.


Fill out the 2018 Vital Signs survey

When: Before July 1 to be eligible for a prize
Where: nrgsurveys.ca
Why: Each year, the Victoria Foundation leads a check-up of the city. Citizens are asked to fill out a questionnaire and grade 12 areas (like arts and culture, safety, housing, transportation and others) that are key to quality of life here in Victoria. This is part of a nation-wide initiative, and this year marks the 12th Vital Signs report in Victoria. Participate in the questionnaire to share how you think Victoria is doing in the 12 key areas — answer before July 1 to be entered to win a prize. The report with the responses will be published in October.

Register for the 2018 BC Commuter Challenge

When: Sunday, June 3 to Saturday, June 9
Where: Various locations
Why: Join in a friendly, free competition with other workplaces this week. Choose to commute sustainably all week — either by biking, walking, taking public transit or telecommuting — and track how much CO2 your commute emits. Challenge yourself and your colleagues to practice sustainable commuting, and see how your workplace compares to others in Victoria.

Explore what city-making in the 21st century means

When: Monday, June 4
Where: Council Chambers at City Hall, 1 Centennial Square
Why: In Monday’s Lunch Time Lecture, Mayor Lisa Helps and Acting City Manager Jocelyn Jenkyns encourage attendees to imagine what Victoria will look like in 30 or 40 years, and what it will take to get the city there. This hour-long lecture will showcase what leading cities are doing to prevent further ecological and economic damage, and inspire Victorians to seize the challenge of becoming a leading, proactive city in the 21st century.

Attend a networking event for LGBTQ women sponsored by Deloitte Canada

When: Thursday, June 7
Where: Frankie’s Modern Diner, 910 Government Street
Why: A Women’s Breakfast sponsored by Deloitte Canada takes place in 10 cities across Canada this Thursday. LGBTQ professional women are invited to Frankie’s Modern Diner for breakfast, to network and to get to know one another. Despite the event’s title, a range of diverse identities are invited and welcome to attend.

Support Victoria’s most well-known brewery and attend Hopoxia

When: Saturday, June 9
Where: Phillips Backyard, 2010 Government Street
Why: Register for the Phillips Hopoxia Beer Festival to both support Phillips Brewery and sample a range of hoppy beers crafted in British Columbia. The eighth annual festival showcases hop-infused beverages made by more than 45 breweries and cideries across BC.