Wilson's Goes Electric With Vintage Double Deckers

Victoria, BC, Canada, February 8, 2016 – Wilson’s Transportation Ltd announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Thomson Power (TP) to convert two of its fleet of “double decker” diesel buses to zero emission battery electric power under a pilot demonstration program. The Partners have executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and a letter of intent (LOI) to commence the pilot demonstration project. TP will convert the diesel buses to zero emission battery electric power using its patented next generation energy efficiency optimization software based technology and custom built ThomsonDrive® electric powertrain system offering zero emissions, best in class performance using Canadian sourced components in a cost effective turnkey package customized for rapid deployment and aggressive return on investment.

The Partners will collaborate on the pilot demonstration in Victoria BC utilizing the experience and support of several Canadian electric vehicle component manufacturers and suppliers. Upon successful proof of concept demonstration, the Partners will work together to evaluate and develop a fleet conversion plan for the remainder of its buses with the goal of converting the whole operating fleet to zero or super low emission, quiet, battery electric or hybrid power.

“We are excited to partner with Wilson’s Transportation to convert two of their iconic double deck diesel buses to zero emission battery electric power in order to evaluate the environmental, performance and economic benefits of green transportation in the Victoria area. We approached Wilson’s Transportation because we recognized them as the private transport leader on Vancouver Island and wanted to demonstrate the overall benefits of clean and quiet bus technology to their customers and residents on the routes they operate in the Victoria area. Wilson’s Transportation has demonstrated over the years their commitment to a greener and sustainable environment and have deep business and community relations. They also possess a market visibility that provides a solid platform for the pilot demonstration.

Partnering with Thomson Power will allow Wilson’s Transportation to showcase zero emission buses to the Victoria area and evaluate an affordable turnkey path to a green zero emission and quiet fleet over the next several years,” said Ian B. McAvoy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our conversion approach provides a local Canadian built and cost effective alternative to expensive new electric buses that don’t provide the same image as the iconic double decker buses currently in operation.”

“With the goal of achieving sustainable results and after exploring a variety of options offered to us, we believe conversion from diesel to battery electric power to be the most effective way of providing meaningful and timely change in bringing green transportation technology to Victoria. We prefer an affordable and reliable Canadian designed and built solution that will create jobs on Vancouver Island and look forward to partnering with Thomson Power. Conversion of our existing fleet of buses affords us the ability to accelerate our adoption of zero emission buses relative to alternatives we examined. We look forward to demonstrating our preferred zero emission solution on the streets of Victoria,” said John Wilson, CEO of Wilson’s Transportation.