Victoria collective launches eco reusable container program

wide shot of woman walking on Douglas street in Victoria carrying an eco reusable container by Bread and Butter Collective
Photo: Jay Wallace

A Victoria-based hospitality industry collective has launched a program designed to reduce take out food container waste.

The Bread & Butter Collective’s Eco Reusable container could make a big dent in the number of single-use items thrown out in the city (statistics indicate over 75,000 takeout containers are discarded each day). The containers will be available as of January 15th 2022 as a pilot project, in partnership with the City of Victoria, to test community engagement in the program, and is described as “easy way for community members to enjoy food at multiple locations without the waste.”

“There are both economic and environmental benefits to using these containers, including a lower carbon footprint,” says Maryanne Carmack, President of the Bread & Butter Collective.

“Every time an eco container is used and reused, a disposable item is saved from being created. The ecological benefits for using this reusable container far outweighs the amount of resource inputs and waste generated by single-use disposable containers.”

The green clasped container has been tested to withstand 1,000 washes in commercial dishwashers. It can be purchased for $8 at participating businesses around Victoria. The food order is packed in the reusable container. The customer returns with a clean reusable container to a participating business, places their order and is given a new container.

Ecoclose up of reusable takeout container by Bread and Butter Collective
Photo: Jay Wallace.

Each container has a QR code that links to the Bread & Butter website, displaying all participating members, which currently include 2% Jazz Coffee, Big Wheel Burger, Bodega, FOO, Habit Coffee, La Pasta La Pizza, Pizzeria Prima Strada, Poco, Roast, Sherwood, Taco Stand, Tapa Bar, The Drake and Zambris.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps says the city came on board because “innovative ideas like this supported by our local businesses are what’s going to get us to our goal of a zero waste, circular economy. We’re investing to create a more sustainable city through our Zero Waste Victoria strategy, and we will only be able to get there by working together.”

The Bread & Butter Collective is a group of Vancouver Island business owners who say they are committed to fostering the long-term growth and sustainability of a healthy independent hospitality community. Visit for more information.