Victoria Chamber will pay shipping costs in support of local retailers

delivery man handing package to customer

As we head into our traditional holiday shopping season, all of us can make choices that improve our region at this critical time. Greater Victoria’s economy is poised to grow in the months ahead, but it will be up to us to shape our communities so they truly reflect the best of who we are.

Supporting your neighbours starts with thinking locally.

In an effort to help people choose to shop at Greater Victoria retailers this holiday season, The Chamber is putting our money where our mouth is and paying the cost of shipping. We all benefit from a strong regional economy and it’s up to each of us to do our part to help with the ongoing recovery.

Effective immediately, the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce will cover the cost of shipping for goods purchased from Chamber businesses and delivered by a Chamber member Maximum Express Courier anywhere from Sooke to Sidney. The last two years have been challenging for retailers, but the forecast is for Canadians to spend more this holiday season. The Retail Council of Canada recently released a survey that shows people are feeling more confident with their finances this year. If, as forecast, each of us spends an extra $100 this year, we can collectively make a huge difference to our economy.

Our hope is that this campaign will make it easier for people to choose to shop locally. Some of the bigger online platforms might say they’re providing free shipping but often they’ve hidden the costs in other charges.

That’s different than what we’re doing. We are actually paying the courier company when people purchase from a local chamber member and have their item shipped to them.

This current campaign is meant to bolster local businesses during the holidays but it’s connected to our ongoing #ChamberLocalVicBC campaign. Starting earlier this year, we’ve been sharing stories from our members that help define what it means to be local. Every time you buy from a business in our community, you’re helping families who live here, pay taxes here, and support many of the things so important to all of our lives. Whether that’s sponsoring youth sports or the arts, local businesses truly are the foundation of their communities.

Buying from local retailers is also a good way to restart our local recovery and conserve a little gas as you shop online at local retailers and let someone else do the delivery.

For more information on The Chamber’s Shop #ChamberLocalVicBC campaign, visit our website at and make sure to follow us on social media.