The Top Most Read Stories of 2020 on Douglas Magazine

Jill Van Gyn
Jill Van Gyn of Fatso. Photograph by Ellie Matheson.

2020 is the year that both flew by and dragged on as we collectively buckled in and down for a wild and bumpy ride. At Douglas magazine we’re looking back at which stories resonated most with you, our readers. Here are the 10 top read articles online, counting down to the most read, which, for those of you who visit us online regularly, may or may not be a surprise!

Number 10: Where’s The Pot?

The cannabis industry was touted a couple of years ago as one of the best to be in, with assertive growth predictions most especially for BC (given our reputation for being hipster lovers of all things hemp-based). Instead it has experienced a stuttering, uneven evolution. This article by Jody Paterson, at number 10 on our Top Most Read list, delves into the challenges holding the industry back.

Number 9: Stay at Home – Not Necessarily Here to Stay?

When the pandemic forced us all home to work, some rejoiced, others had a hard time adapting. Almost a year later, we’re learning that post-pandemic we’re likely to experience an adaptive environment that mixes at-home work with in-office environment. This article explains why the mix is likely to happen – that ongoing need for human interaction: Co-Working After COVID Set To Thrive.

Number 8: A Local Success Story Fueled by COVID

What to expect during the unexpected: people who see the opportunity in the challenge. That’s the case for Victoria residents and friends Karmen McNamara, Shannon Graham and Ivy Lewney who formed The Kindness Factory this past Spring, taking CERB payments and investing them in a business that grew from their initial team of three to 11 employees in less six months, and from zero to over $20,000 in sales per month. Their story served as inspiration for our readers that silver linings do exist, and for other entrepreneurs wanting to take their own leaps.

Number 7: Coping With COVID: Island Businesses Share their Stories

When the pandemic hit we at Douglas looked at ways to support our community as we all grappled with its impact. Our first response was to talk to the business owners on the front line to understand what they were going through and to hopefully help others as we all struggled through the unexpected. Their responses struck a chord in our readers, who followed along as we profiled people from all industries and walks of life. Read their stories HERE.

Number 6: There’s Always Room for Local

In the middle of the pandemic the ownership group behind Country Grocer announced they were taking over the old post office location on the corner of Fort and Oak Bay Avenue to create a new brand, Urban Grocer. The announcement was number 6 on our most read articles list, reinforcing our love of two things: food and local. The store has since opened and has been enthusiastically received.

Number 5: Our hero, Dr. Bonnie Henry

She’ll be forever known for the mantra ‘be kind, be calm, be safe,’ so it’s no surprise our article on Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry was a hit, both in our print issue and online. Jim Hayhurst wrote that her leadership showcased the kind of authenticity we craved, and explored why it succeeded so well in when it came to flattening the curve.

Number 4: Celebrating Entrepreneurship with 10 To Watch

This year we needed good news stories more than ever, so it was to be expected that our showcase of Douglas magazine’s 2020 10 to Watch winners would be high up on our Most Read Stories list. Read and watch their stories HERE.

Number 3: Fatso Success

She’s fast become known for her tasty peanut butter, with grocery shelves across Canada stocking Fatso and sales growing exponentially. Our feature on entrepreneur Jill Van Gyn is Number 3 on the list – and among the top most read stories of all time on Douglas Magazine. It’s not hard to see why. The Victoria resident serves as inspiration for growing a business through challenge.

Number 2: Salmon Farms Controversy

It’s an issue that’s generated a lot of conversation and the odd fiery debate. Our story on salmon farms, their impact, their supporters and detractors is Number 2 on our list, with people continuing to be interested in the topic two years after writer Andrew Findlay reported on it. Read the original article HERE.

Number 1: The Story that Keeps on Going

Our top most read story for 2020 happens to also be our top most read story of all time. In 2019 Andrew Findlay set out to discover why the tiny village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island was suddenly becoming a big deal. We think it epitomizes all us Islanders hold dear – that work-life balance we crave plus the wonderful close knit community vibe that makes small towns so special.

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