South Island Prosperity Project Announces Interim CEO

Bruce Williams steps from the Director of Innovation into the CEO role.

South Island Prosperity Project
Bruce Williams. Photograph by Jeffrey Bosdet.

The South Island Prosperity Project (SIPP) announced that Bruce Williams will assume the role of Interim CEO, effective March 1. Bruce currently serves as the Director of Innovation for SIPP, and will lead the organization while current CEO, Emilie de Rosenroll, is on maternity leave for one year.

The South Island Prosperity Project (SIPP) is the economic development organization for Greater Victoria, B.C., comprised of 50 members, including 10 local governments, seven First Nations, three post-secondary institutions, seven industry associations and non-profits, and 23 major employers, all working together to bolster our region’s economic and social prosperity. This will happen by catalyzing the creation of high-quality, household-sustaining jobs, so that more families can afford to live, work and build a life here. 

Bruce brings a wealth of senior leadership experience to the role and is deeply committed to SIPP’s mission. “It’s truly inspiring to be part of an organization where every team member is a leader.  Emilie has forged SIPP into an efficient and effective force within the region’s economy. I’m proud to be moving forward with my SIPP colleagues and our members toward our next successes.”

Supporting Bruce, as lead on operations, is Dallas Gislason, SIPP’s Director of Economic Development. Dallas brings over a decade of experience in economic development to this role with expertise in managing complex stakeholder projects. 

This news release was received by Douglas Magazine in February 2019