Small Homes Offer Big Value to Those Seeking Lifestyle Change

Small Modern Living and EcoTec Homes (a division of Westco Construction Ltd.) joined forces to create the Studio37 Garden Pavilion, a prefabricated, self-contained, 400-square-foot, one-bedroom residential unit compliant with the City of Victoria’s new garden suite policy.

Studio37 is designed to achieve a rating of EnerGUIDE 82, far exceeding conventional homes. According to Small Modern Living’s Roger Lam, the unit requires only about six weeks to manufacture at the EcoTec Homes facility in Sooke.
Lam adds that Studio37 can be adapted to meet most design requirements and work in most yards. Living space is maximized through features like a Murphy wall bed — with built-in table — that folds up to convert the bedroom into a dining room. Possible uses include guest accommodation, home office, rental investment, and more.
“Studio37 is a showcase of how good design can transform small space into a comfortable, modern, and environmentally sensitive ‘garden pavilion’ home,” Lam says.
And best of all, in this era of ballooning home prices, Studio37 Garden Pavilions are priced from $80,000 to $100,00 depending on options and finishes.
EcoTec and Small Modern Living exhibited a Studio37 suite at the Canadian Home Builders Association Home & Garden Show in early March, where Douglas magazine caught up with them for a video interview about the product.
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