Major Design Win for Vecima

Victoria-based Vecima Networks Inc. announced Friday, March 16, that in partnership with a leading chip manufacturer, it has entered into an agreement to design a next-generation, extremely high-density broadband cable transmitter for one of the world’s leading cable broadband access companies.

Vecima and its partner will implement the technology as an integrated circuit solution which will be incorporated in the cable broadband access company’s future flagship platform for data over cable and digital video.

Leveraging Vecima’s core intellectual property developed over 15 years, the company won this contract in the presence of stiff competition. The density of the design solution improves upon the current technology by a factor of 40 and reduces power consumption by a factor of 20.

“Vecima is very pleased to have won this contract as it represents the evolution of this highly specialized technology in which Vecima has been the world leader from the early days of cable broadband,” says Dr. Surinder Kumar, chairman and CEO of Vecima.

“This design win is part of our strategy to build a pipeline of future revenue.”