Rising Economy Taskforce Releases Multi-Sector Recommendations to Accelerate Regional Economic Recovery

Taskforce provides bird's eye-view of the challenges faced by all sectors as they work to rebound from a pandemic.

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South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP)’s Rising Economic Taskforce has released its Committee Reports, featuring 40 over-arching recommendations to coordinate and accelerate economic recovery throughout the South Island region. The Taskforce was convened on April 16, 2020, to develop the region’s economic recovery strategy.

The reports are the result of more than 120 stakeholders from business, government and non-profit sectors coming together in what’s been dubbed as British Columbia’s most comprehensive non-government COVID-related response.

Stakeholders include representatives from government, multiple business sectors, First Nations, and the not-for-profit and education sectors.

Themes that have emerged across the 10 committees’ discussions include the provision of immediate relief for small- and medium-sized businesses, investments in rapid skilling and workforce development as it undergoes major upheaval, and preserving the vibrancy and safety of the region’s urban environment.

SIPP CEO Emilie de Rosenroll says the Taskforce represents the power of collaboration to effect change. “When we work together, our region rebounds faster, dreams bigger and achieves more. Collaboration, commitment and energy are critical now to help our region recover from this recession and develop the resiliency to withstand future economic shocks.”

The Committee Reports are the precursor to the region’s economic recovery strategy to be released during Rising Economy Week (November 16 to 20), and will focus on decisive actions to move the needle on the South Island’s economic recovery.

They “give voice to what the sectors themselves say they need in terms of economic relief, new funding initiatives, and policy and regulation changes,” says Frank Bourree, Vice-Chair of the Taskforce. “We need to listen closely to them and act decisively. Our region’s economic future depends on it.”

Access the complete report by clicking on this LINK.

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