Rising Economy 2022 tackles critical issues facing us now

SIPP CEO Emilie de Rosenroll speaks during the 2021 Rising Economy conference. Photo: Belle White/SIPP.
SIPP CEO Emilie de Rosenroll speaks during the 2021 Rising Economy conference. Photo: Belle White/SIPP.

South Island Prosperity Partnership’s third annual Rising Economy conference shifts the economic conversation from recovery to resilience this year.

Taking place November 15 to 17, the Rising Economy conference features local, national and international experts engaging in critical conversations around growing our economy and tackling societal issues through change and challenge.

Three years after the inaugural Rising Economy conference explored building back better as a response to the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, Rising Economy 2022 is focused on gaining clarity and discussing solutions amidst massive disruptions.

Keynotes and panels focus on the pressing urgency to address the immediate needs of a growing population struggling with healthcare and housing shortages, plus sky-high inflation, to climate change, major economic shifts and the digital/AI transformation.

Guided by the theme of Clarity, keynote speakers and experts will discuss ways to expand our horizons, bringing big ideas to local issues, say organizers.

SIPP CEO Emilie de Rosenroll notes “Rising Economy was born during a time of extraordinary challenge, developed as an interactive event to humanize economic development, but it’s grown into a conference that recognizes the complex interconnectedness of our challenges and spans societal and economic issues. Each year, we lead the conversation about what matters to our region and B.C. now, discussing critical issues through the lens of optimism and resilience.”

This year’s conference keynote speakers include former political journalist Shachi Kurl, President, Angus Reid Institute. Kurl shares how to get to the heart of our major cultural, economic and political shifts — and find common ground during times of upheaval.

Dr. Jennifer Gardy, Deputy Director of Surveillance, Data & Epidemiology at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation expounds upon her work using DNA sequencing to understand how outbreaks start and spread — and how they can be stopped.

Urban advocate and civil society trailblazer Mary W. Rowe, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute, discusses the changing face of economic development and shaping the future of cities in a time of discord.

Panels include conversations around the lockdown generation (GenZ), climate change resilience, solving the housing crisis, growing the Indigenous economy, the future of post-secondary education and why media literacy matters more than ever.

Special sessions include the Victoria Foundation Vital Signs Showcase: “How Can We Afford to Live Here?” and an Innovation BC Showcase featuring raid-fire presentations by mission-driven innovators for Vancouver Island.

The conference is geared toward a diverse audience, from CEOs and business owners and civic leaders  to academics, entrepreneurs and post-secondary students. While some portions of the conference are  ticketed, the virtual sessions are free to attend.

Virtual events take place through Zoom on the Whova platform. In-person events take place at the Songhees Wellness Centre in Victoria. For a complete list of speakers and to register, visit ourrisingeconomy.com.