LÚZ GALLERY – 10 To Watch 2010 Winner

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as your eyes wander around the walls of the Lúz Gallery on Fort Street, there is beauty everywhere. Lúz Gallery is the only photography-based art gallery in Victoria.

Quinton Gordon and Diana Millar are the owners and the driving forces behind the gallery. Quinton is the photographer (you may have noticed some of his work in Douglas magazine) and Diana handles the design, marketing, and website mechanics.

“We are trying to do a number of things at the gallery,” says Gordon. “While it’s a traditional photographic gallery that presents shows, we want people to be engaged in the artistic process through workshops, special events, and classes. We want to bring the world of photography to Victoria.”

Gordon adds that, “The world of art is changing from traditional bricks-and-mortar spaces to going direct to those interested in the art form. We want to engage those people not just locally but around the world in what we offer.”

To present photography as an art form, Lúz works with some of the world’s best photographers, including Vikky Alexander and Eric Klemm.

“When we were putting together our business plan, we understood that workshops, photography courses, special events, juried shows, and gallery exhibitions all had to be coordinated, and that coordination would be the economic driver that supported the gallery,” says Gordon. “Marrying art and business is a challenge, particularly when you are trying to introduce something new in the marketplace.”


At Lúz, the marriage of art and business is proving to be a success.

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