Creating a Google My Business listing is free and easy to do, but the business owner who takes the time to optimize her listing can win more hits on her website. Christian Thomson, CEO of Marwick Marketing, provides these new opportunities to optimize your Google My Business listing.

Bulk Review Management

This new GMB feature allows you to see all your reviews from multiple sources gathered into a single page for easy viewing. According to Google’s announcement, your business can now “view reviews for multiple listings at once. With bulk reviews, you’ll be able to view, reply to, and flag reviews for multiple listings in one place.”

The new feature involves simply logging in to Google My Business and accessing the “Manage Reviews” tab by clicking on the left side. This will bring up your reviews, nice and neat on one page. If you manage more than one listing or location, this will prove very useful by saving you from having to click on each individual listing to see its reviews.

Marwick Marketing Tip: Make sure your reply contains a focus keyword for your brand and is detailed in response.

New Feature for Hotels

Thanks to this new addition from Google, hotels will be able to log in to GMB and easily update details concerning their amenities and services. This information is summarized by Google in Google Search and Maps, so it is worth keeping up to date, which may require occasional review and editing.

To update your information, simply log in to Google My Business and choose the location you want to manage (if more than one is available). From there, click Info. Find “Hotel Attributes” and click edit. Once you have found the attribute to edit and made the necessary changes, click Save and you’re done!

If, for some reason, you find yourself unable to edit, contact Google and they
will assist you.

With growing numbers of searchers turning to Google for reviews and pricing of hotels, it’s critical to stay up to date and this feature makes it easier for you to do just that.

Marwick Marketing Tip: Be sure to fill in every possible element for maximum optimization of your listing.

“Get a Quote” Button

Are you getting more messages of late? That may be the case if you have Google My Business messages turned on.

If you have opted into messaging, you may now have new call-to-action buttons in the local knowledge panel for your business listing. If so, when users search for the name of your business they will be presented with a “Get a Quote” button appearing in blue (desktop) or white (mobile).

If you do not have this button but wish to, make sure that you have messaging turned on.
This new button stands out nicely, making it obvious that Google is hoping to entice searchers to make use of it. Make sure you have Google Messaging turned on and get ready to start fielding questions!

Marwick Marketing Tip: Simple. Turn it on!

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