Internet Service Providers Can Apply Early for B.C. Grant Program

Internet service providers can submit their applications for project funding starting today for the upcoming Connecting British Columbia program.
Submissions will be accepted by Northern Development Initiative Trust now in advance of the program’s launch later this summer.
The Connecting British Columbia program will be a new multi-year, provincewide program administered by Northern Development Initiative Trust. The program will focus on funding projects that will help expand and extend high-speed Internet services around the province.
To apply for funding, applicants must be legally registered entities. Examples include:

  • local or regional Internet service providers;
  • community high-speed Internet organizations;
  • Aboriginal organizations;
  • local governments, such as regional districts or municipalities;
  • economic development organizations; and
  • registered societies and associations.

Provincial funding for the program was granted to Northern Development Initiative Trust. Applications will be reviewed and funding decisions will be made at the discretion of Northern Development Initiative Trust, until the program budget is exhausted.
The Connecting British Columbia program is part of the Government of B.C.’s plan to make high-speed connectivity available to all British Columbians before 2021.
The Connecting British Columbia application form can be found on Northern Development Initiative Trust’s website at: