How to Spark Curiosity and Connection

TEDx returns to Victoria after almost a decade.

Talk Like TED - Douglas Magazine Oct/Nov 2023

With inspiring speakers, unexpected connections and a mission to share thought-provoking ideas, TEDx is returning to Victoria.

This year’s TEDx is themed simply “It’s Up to Us” and aims to bring the community together for inspiring dialogues to help understand, explore and motivate change. 

Hosted at the McPherson Playhouse, TEDxVictoria will be a full day of speakers, live music, performances and networking opportunities running from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 15, including:

  •  12 TEDx speakers
  •  Live performances
  •  Networking sessions
  •  Community exhibits

Almost a decade has passed since the last TEDx conference was held here, and Victoria has changed and grown in so many ways. TEDx gives participants the opportunity to explore the challenges and possibilities of this city with fresh perspectives. Organizers say Victoria is long overdue for imaginative problem-solving, celebrating ingenuity and pondering the future.

The conference goal is to turn discovery into action.