How to Really Stop Procrastinating

Strategies for how to stop putting off tasks and really get things done.

“For most people, procrastination is not a sign of laziness,” says Karen Luniw, a top 10 iTunes podcaster and founder of

That’s the good news. So how do we stop?

All Kinds of Reasons

So-called procrastination usually breaks down into four categories:

  1. Deadline driven.
  2. Incomplete setup (not enough info or help).
  3. Boring/difficult task.
  4. Fear-based.

Each of these is specific to the task at hand, so every time you find yourself procrastinating, the reason may be different.

What Kind of Procrastination is it?

Of the types mentioned above, two aren’t actually procrastination: deadline driven and incomplete setup. When dealing with these, it’s important to honour the way you work – or consider that it may not be time for that particular task.

Listen to Nike

But let’s say you are procrastinating because a task is boring or difficult. In that case, realize that you may never be in the mood for it, so Just Do It. Devote a specific amount of time to the task and make it happen. There are many apps out there to help. Try Procrastinator!

What Scares You?

We get confused when what we really want is on the other side of action we’re not taking. So why don’t we take action? Some of our reasons could be fear of failure, fear of success or fear of looking foolish. Identify your fear and eliminate the belief behind it.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Being hard on yourself drains your personal resources, which only limits the energy and shortens the time you have to get things done. Identify the type of procrastination you’re involved in and put a plan in place. You’ll feel much better and more in control.