Esquimalt Chamber and Victoria Chamber Opt to Remain Separate Organizations

Joint statement from Chamber Integration Committee co-chairs Al Hasham (Greater Victoria Chamber Chair) and RJ Senko (Esquimalt Chamber Vice-President of Communications & Gov’t Relations)

GREATER VICTORIA, November 23, 2016 – The Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce have been discussing terms and conditions for the integration of the two chambers into a single organization over the last two years.

After months of negotiations and the exchange of numerous proposals, the two Boards were unable to reach agreement on issues surrounding a new governance model.

Despite the lack of consensus between the two Boards, the Esquimalt Chamber put the final proposal to its members who voted to retain the current structure. Consequently, both Boards have determined the best option at this time is for the two chambers to remain separate organizations.

The door to integration remains open as both Boards continue to believe that services to members can be strengthened and enhanced by integration.

The parties have benefited from the opportunity to get to know each other better and plan to continue to work together on areas of mutual interest.