Eligible Employers Can Begin Applying for Wage Subsidy April 27

Eligible Canadian businesses can begin applying for Canada's wage subsidy program beginning Monday, April 27.

A wage subsidy calculator is being launched on the Canada Revenue Agency website to help businesses determine how much they will be able to claim through the wage subsidy program.

In his April 21 news conference from outside Rideau Cottage, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said employers will be able to apply for the 75 per cent salary top-up to keep employees on the payroll beginning April 27, 2020. He did not provide exact dates. The prime minister noted he hopes businesses will see the cash “quickly.”

He noted the Canada Revenue Agency is setting up a calculator for employers to determine how much they can expect from the wage-subsidy program, which will provide up to $847 per employee a week.

For more information on the Canada Wage Subsidy, click here.