Custom Barracuda Surfboards Celebrate the Pacific Northwest Waves

The custom-made boards from Barracuda Surfboards are sold to surfers across the globe.

Surfboards getting designed
Photograph by Jeffrey Bosdet.

For the shapers at Barracuda Surfboards, being a board builder is the ultimate commitment to their sport and celebrates the unique character of the waves of the Pacific Northwest.

“Our product is a testament to the years we’ve spent surfing this coast, and the lessons it’s taught us — we excel in the local community, understanding the different waves and how they work,” says owner William Hazen.

“We use our craft to further a surfer’s progression and passion, acting as a catalyst for their love of surfing.”

In business for almost 20 years, Barracuda makes approximately 150 boards a year. It serves surfers all over the world, including in France, Australia and Hawaii, drawing on its shapers’ experience surfing in those locales. But Barracuda specializes in creating boards for the local surfing community. Tofino-native and Olympic-hopeful Noah Cohen counts a Barracuda-shaped board among his favorites.

Each custom board starts as a dialogue between the surfer and the shaper. “We find out how long they’ve been surfing, their skill level and where they plan to surf — the knowledge of the local waves is crucial, as there is a pretty big difference between Canada and Hawaii,” Hazen says. “What we do is like creating a custom-tailored suit.”

This article is from the February/March 2019 issue of Douglas.