City of Victoria seeks private site hosts for EV Fast Chargers

City of Victoria seeking partners for a 10-year lease to host Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) electric vehicle chargers at private sites.
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If you own or manage commercial land in Victoria, this is your chance to be part of an innovative initiative that benefits your community and aligns your business with the forefront of sustainability. The City is actively seeking partners for a 10-year lease to host Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) electric vehicle chargers at private sites. This initiative aims to enhance the accessibility of EV charging for those without the convenience of charging capabilities at home.  

Let’s Charge Ahead Together!  

By 2035, zero-emissions vehicles – the vast majority of which will be electric – will make up all light duty vehicle sales, including passenger cars and light duty trucks. This inevitable transition away from Internal Combustion Engines is fundamental to meeting the City of Victoria’s emissions reductions targets (to learn more, view the City’s Climate Leadership Plan).

One of the greatest barriers to EV adoption is a lack of available charging options. This is especially the case for those living in multi-unit residential buildings that lack EV charging infrastructure. The City is taking bold action to remove barriers to electric mobility adoption and facilitate the widescale adoption of electric vehicles (for details, view the City’s EV and E-Mobility Strategy).   

With a new wave of Level 3 charger installations on the horizon for 2024, the City is seeking opportunities to host chargers on private land under 10-year lease agreements. Selected site hosts will contribute to the adoption of clean and eco-friendly transportation options in the community.  

Ideal Locations and Mutual Benefits  

The City is particularly interested in sites that are strategically located close to popular amenities or multi-unit residential buildings. Placing EV chargers in these areas ensures maximum public convenience, building the appeal of making the switch to an EV. So, what’s in it for you? As a private site host, the potential benefits include:  

  1. Increased Foot Traffic  

One of the immediate advantages for site hosts is the potential for increased foot traffic. These chargers are geared towards locals without EV charging at home. By hosting these sites, you can reasonably expect these folks to pay neighbouring businesses a visit while they wait for their EV to charge up.  

  1. Cost-sharing Opportunities  

You may have already considered installing EV chargers – here’s an option to save costs on the electrical upgrades required to do so. The City anticipates bringing its own electrical service on-site, but site hosts will have the opportunity to share costs on electrical upgrades with the City, making the implementation of EV chargers financially viable. This collaborative approach ensures that the cost of transitioning to sustainable infrastructure is distributed equitably.   

  1. Visible Alignment with Sustainability  

Beyond the immediate practical benefits, hosting EV chargers allows businesses to showcase their commitment to environmental responsibility and climate action. Local consumers increasingly value sustainability, making the alignment of your business with clean energy initiatives a powerful marketing tool.   

How to Apply  

Interested? Read through the Expression of Interest (EOI) and contact the City at to apply. The opportunity is also posted on the City’s procurement platform (, so interested applicants can submit their EOI that way as well. The EOI provides more detail on the project and instructions for interested parties. The application process is open until January 19, 2024.   

Reach Out  

Have questions? For direct inquiries, email the City’s Climate Action Program at The City thanks all applicants for their interest in this initiative.

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