Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 with Some of the Brightest Minds in Victoria

It’s 2017 and Women (and Men) are Still Discussing the Wide Gaps in Gender Parity: Celebrate International Women’s Day with some of the brightest minds in Victoria.

You’ve seen the signs, literally, the signs on Facebook from protests where a woman is holding a sign “It’s 2017.  I can’t believe I still have to protest this S&#%!”  Even in 2017, the stats in corporate culture are astonishing”  

  • 85% of corporate board members and executives (1) and 95% of CEO’s are white men. (2)

In Victoria, there is a campaign that is bringing together women in hopes to create support, promote gender balance and raise funds to support initiatives that provide STEM exposure and experience to girls in Greater Victoria Public High Schools.

The DREAM BIG Campaign in Greater Victoria will bring several evenings filled with inspiration and magic. You’ll feel it in the air as we watch the screening of the amazing Dream, Girl Film that has screened throughout the world. This film is listed in Oprah’s Soulful 100 & has been screened at all the Twitter offices worldwide because it inspires women to dream big dreams.  After the screening, a panel discussion takes place to share stories with the message of driving equality to be a positive one that reaches out to both men and women.

Event Details:   

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, University of Victoria – Fraser Building, room 159, from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Panelists include:  Amelia Warren – CEO of Epicure, and Carolyn Taylor – Creator of yoUnlimited and Victoria Yoga Conference, with Hosts Linda Biggs – Founder of MakeHer & Co and co-founder of Dream Big, with Hugh Lindsay – Director and Global Solution Architect, Banking and Finance at Schneider Electric.

Tickets are by donation and can be purchased Online

Sponsors/ Partners Include: Schneider Electric, MakeHerCo, Harbour Air, VIATEC, City Hall, Purpose Social, HeartPress PR

Former Panelists Include:   Nicole Smith – Founder, Flytographer, Toni Desrosiers, Founder, Abeego Designs, Selena Roberts, Lead, Women in Schneider Electric Group, and Melodie Reynolds, Founder Elate Cosmetics. Lisa Helps – Mayor of Victoria, City of Victoria, Meredith Moll – VP, Sales and Marketing, Harbour Air Group, Erin Athene – Founder, Purpose Social, and Isabelle Mercier Turcotte – Founder, LeapZone Strategies.

(1)Source: CNN Money   

(2) Source: Catalyst