Case Study: TUTTI keeps it local

Kaisa Airken, founder and CEO of delivery service Tutti.
"Tutti has always been a way to bring our community together around a shared love of food. We live in such an incredible multicultural community with amazing restaurants and restaurateurs, and, for me, Tutti has been a way for more people to experience what these businesses and individuals have to offer! " - KAISA AIERKEN, FOUNDER AND CEO, TUTTI.

Victoria’s food delivery app TUTTI was created in response to the high rates and preferential algorithms characteristic of its competitors.

TUTTI is a Victoria-based food delivery company that maintains exclusive contracts with several restaurants in town, including Il Covo Trattoria, Wind Cries Mary and BeLove.

The word “tutti” means “all” or “everything” in Italian, and the company hopes to deliver from all businesses, including farmer’s markets, local retailers, pet food stores — ideally rolling out across the country within a few years.

Three years ago, TUTTI’s founder and CEO Kaisa Aierken — who had worked in the food industry for a few years already — was discouraged by the high prices charged by other food delivery apps. He started working with a friend to develop an app that could connect and manage users, merchants, and drivers. They got their first customers by promoting the app through restaurants they partnered with who would tell their in-store customers about them.

Screencap of TUTTI appCreating a fair and accessible platform was important for Aierken, one that users and merchants could access easily that could offer a bilingual option for Chinese customers.

In the first phase of lockdown TUTTI launched a free meal program for the hospitality industry with a $25 credit per TUTTI account provided to hospitality workers.

“This was a way for us to support local restaurants with increased demand for their meals,” says Aierken.

He values competitive delivery costs and often runs free delivery promotions. TUTTI boasts the longest range of all the delivery apps, enabling them to cater to a wider audience. It also offers an automated delivery system, which is ideal for small businesses.


The driver dispatch system is integrated with Google Cloud APIs to assign orders, optimize route planning for quick deliveries and calculate accurate fees.


Cold Comfort, Irish Times Pub, JJ Wonton Noodle House, Agrius, Liquor Planet and Spinnakers Brewpub are all exclusive clients.


TUTTI only takes 10 to 15 per cent of sales. Other delivery apps such as Skip the Dishes, Doordash, and Uber Eats take anywhere from 25 to 35 per cent.


Vendors control their online storefront and all restaurants have equal visibility, to ensure small mom-and-pop shops are not overshadowed by larger businesses.

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