Business Updates for August 2019

The plastic bag ban is no longer a sure thing, and more updates that could influence your business this fall.

> Victoria’s plastic bag ban isn’t in the bag any more. The B.C. Court of Appeal unanimously ruled the city’s ban of single-use plastic bags required the approval of the B.C. Minister of Environment, which it did not receive. With more B.C. municipalities anxious to ban the plastic bag, will the next move be the provincial government’s?

> Phase one of the federal government’s new passenger protection regulations begin on July 15. They set out how passengers must be treated or compensated due to flight cancellations, bumped flights, lost luggage and more.

> Canada Business App is an Android and iOS mobile app launched by the federal government to make it easier for SMEs to navigate federal services and programs.

This article is from the August/September 2019 issue of Douglas.