Brink Events has been continuously pushing the boundaries of event production for over a decade

Brink Events Sponcon June 2023
Brink Events. Photo Supplied.

During the time of the pandemic, “distanced” technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and teleconferencing took center stage as a replacement for real-world experiences and engagement. Social connection and human engagement suffered during this time; we yearned for face-to-face experiences and events. The absence of everything we love most about events – real food, refreshing cocktails, fresh flowers and live music – left a void that couldn’t be filled with technology. As we emerge from this time, we need to reimagine what the social experience means – and we need to get people excited again.

Today’s event guests are more sophisticated and have bigger expectations than ever before. They are no longer impressed with the typical hotel or conference centre dinner experience – they want a tropical pop-up party in an art gallery or a long table dinner in an orchard. Making use of alternate venues such as museums, art galleries, private homes, wineries, and more, can be a great way to add intrigue and excitement for guests. The surprise of what can be done with an unconventional venue can create anticipation and excitement well in advance of the event. Pushing the boundaries with interesting and inspiring food and beverage service, unique experiential elements, an unexpected performance or an exploratory layout can give guests a taste of something they’ve never experienced before.

Creating a truly unique and captivating experience for your guests can be difficult, but an event planner can help with this. With industry-specific expertise, supplier connections, and a skilled planning toolkit, an event planner will help bring your ambitious ideas to life while reducing stress and saving time and resources for everyone involved. For companies, organizations, and even individuals, this allows you to focus on other important priorities – such as guest engagement, fundraising or sponsor procurement, and your day-to-day tasks. Letting an event planner worry about the details means a smoother and stress-free lead up to the event itself, and a fine-tuned design and event plan – resulting in a better guest experience that you yourself can also enjoy.

Brink Events has been helping clients in Victoria and around British Columbia to plan their dream events for over 10 years. From a corporate anniversary party in an airplane hangar, to a non-profit fundraiser under a clear tent in the Inner Harbour, to a moonlit milestone birthday at a private estate, we’ve stretched the boundaries of the ordinary to produce unforgettable events for our clients and their guests.

If you have an idea for an event that you think may be too “out there,” we would love to hear from you. Let us help you bring your ideas to life – creating memories to last a lifetime.