About Yam


YAM knows the challenges of maintaining a healthy balance of work and play and knows the best specific-to-Victoria ways to make conscientious decisions while still having fun. And YAM is exactly that: a resourceful magazine that addresses local issues, trends, and topics that impact our after-hours world right here in Greater Victoria.

About Page One Publishing
Page One Publishing is a full-service publishing company with established sales, editorial, and creative departments. All aspects of magazine publishing are managed in-house, ensuring a streamlined process and top-quality results. Our fully qualified team has the experience and knowledge to turn an idea into a magazine and a magazine into a publishing success. Click here for the individual publications.

In addition to our in-house magazines, Page One is the publishing partner for a number of businesses and organizations. Covering a wide range of subjects, from business, product directories, and tourism to food, wine, and lifestyle, Page One provides its clients with full-service publishing that consistently achieve results. No matter what you want in your publication, we can make it happen in beautiful, full-colour, glossy magazines that promote your business, product, or destination to the world.

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