4 Strategies to use Less Plastic

There are a variety of ways to cut back on the too-frequently used substance. Here are a few businesses that are offering solutions.

Glass straw from Cobble Hill's Enviro Glass Straw. Photograph by Belle White

The Last Straw

Plastic straws might soon go the way of the plastic bag, with city-wide bans. Enviro Glass Straw, a company located in Cobble Hill, offers a plastic-free alternative with its handmade 100-per-cent borosilicate glass straws.

Not Your Cup of Tea

Many tea bags contain around 25 per cent plastic and leave behind small fragments of plastic in the soil. Silk Road uses plant fibre for its 100-per-cent compostable tea bags, which are sold in a resealable rice-paper bag.

Be Like An Astronaut

According to the UK Food and Drink Innovation Network, edible packaging — such as a food wrap created from apples, designed for Russian astronauts to limit waste — will help wean consumers worldwide off their plastic habit.

Takeaway Trials

Earlier this year, Starbucks launched a trial in Europe, charging customers an extra six cents for each takeaway cup. Early results are promising, with reusable cup use jumping 150 per cent in participating stores. 

This article is from the October/November 2018 issue of Douglas