4 Steps to Creating a Great Video for your Brand

Video has grown into one of the best story-telling mediums and Douglas has some tips on how to use that to your businesses advantage.

The explosion of streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime points to the obvious: Video is a much-loved mode of storytelling for the 21st century.

Businesses like Media One create videos that help businesses tell stories to their customers. Here are four steps on how to incorporate great videos into your business.

Plan for it

Video works best when it’s part of the big picture plan. Think your marketing plan through so you’re not trying to cram video in as an afterthought.

Figure out your takeaways

Ask yourself what are the top three take-aways you want your viewers to walk away with after watching your video. Craft it accordingly.

Keep it short n’ sweet

If you’re making a corporate video for your website or social media, 90 seconds is the magic number for you to keep people’s attention and convey your information. You can go longer for videos with characters, a longer story or a particular point.

Know your audience

And know where they sit on your sales funnel. You can go longer once you’ve got them sliding towards a deal. Kano Apps made a great video for people who apply to work for the company. Even though it is five minutes long, someone interested in learning more about the company (and already far down the “employment funnel”) will stay put and watch the video because they want that detailed information.

This article is from the June/July 2019 issue of Douglas.