10 to Watch Winner 2024 – Philosophy MD

10 to Watch Winner 2024 - Philosphy MD
From left, Carla Matheson, Dr. Bri Budlovsky, Dr. Matt Carere and
Tara Carere. Photo By: Jeffrey Bosdet.

Sector: Wellness

Principals: From left, Carla Matheson, Dr. Bri Budlovsky, Dr. Matt Carere and
Tara Carere

Year Launched: 2022

Unique selling proposition: To be Victoria’s confidence experts, and deliver global standards in physician-led esthetics.

Strategy: To provide a highly personal, luxury and patient-focused experience.

Website: philosophymd.com

The decision to undergo cosmetic and esthetic treatments is deeply personal and sometimes difficult. That’s why Philosophy MD, a new Victoria medical spa, prides itself on providing top-notch personal care from the moment a client walks through the front door to their post-treatment followup. 

“Every detail of Philosophy MD has been thoughtfully considered to deliver a continuous self-care experience that begins online and carries through to each visit,” says Tara Carere, chief operating officer and one of four co-founders. “We move along the path of life, united by the aging experience. And we recognize the human desire to feel vital, vigorous and healthy life long.”

From its clinic in James Bay, Philosophy MD has positioned itself as a high-end provider of medical cosmetic services, from skin tightening and hair restoration to complexion treatments, facials and skin peels.

According to Carere, there’s been a surge of interest in medical esthetics, and Philosophy MD is focused on carving out a boutique niche in a local market currently dominated by larger commercial esthetics companies. 

“We honour our patients’ commitment to themselves with longer appointment times and a gentle touch,” says Carere. “We also excel in the medical education of our patients, so that they can carefully weigh options to their care.”   

Co-founders Dr. Matt Carere and Dr. Bri Budlovsky lead the medical team at Philosophy MD. As emergency physicians with training in cosmetic medicine, the two met in 2017 while working ER at Royal Jubilee Hospital and Victoria General.

Launching during the pandemic required careful cash-flow management without compromising service. Despite these challenges, Philosophy MD has enjoyed steady growth and is also demonstrating a commitment to community by supporting local charities, such as a $30,000 in-kind donation to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation.