Where are they Now? Rumble

The 2013 Douglas 10 to Watch winner has learned some valuable lessons in the past 6 years and continues to thrive in the specialty drink sector.

This health-conscious 10 to Watch winner Rumble Supershakes has learned some big lessons in the past six years. It started with a too-fast expansion into the U.S. at the encouragement of an early investor. 

“… we went big, we went downhill and now we’re back,” says founder Paul Underhill. “… Our original plan was to dominate in Canada first, then move to the States. We should have stuck to that plan and stuck to our guns, but we were young, naive and that nearly killed the brand.”

With the help of local investors, Rumble has recalibrated and made a number of improvements to their supershakes, including the addition of grass-fed protein and butter, coconut MCT, organic and ethically sourced coffee and cocoa. They’ve also switched to fully recyclable packaging.

This article is from April/May 2019 issue of Douglas.